Asana + Productiv Integration Benefits

  • Productiv helps enterprises understand how their organizations are using SaaS applications, with deep real-time user engagement.
  • With Productiv, you go beyond just licensing to understand which features are (and are not) getting used.

How it Works

  • Productiv provides dashboards to visualize and analyze the user engagement
  • Productiv keeps track of the user engagement on the projects and tasks


  • Asana integrations require an Admin role for account authorization.
  • You also require an App Admin role account with Productiv to complete setup.
  • If you do not have this role, please reach out to an Admin or Account Owner within your organization to configure the integration.


If you need help with this integration, please contact support

Integration Walkthrough

Step 1: Navigate to App Settings on Productiv

Log in to Productiv and navigate to App Settings.

Click on Connect an App and choose Asana from the menu of apps.

Click on Continue.

Give unique name to this Asana instance and click Continue.

Step 2: Login to your Asana instance

Click on Log in to app. This will redirect you to the Asana login page.

If you are not signed in, sign in using your Asana admin credentials.

Review the requested permissions.

Click the Allow button.

Step 3: Done

If everything is successful, you will be taken back to Productiv.

Click on Done.

Your Asana instance should now be visible in the list of connected applications.

How to Uninstall

Please contact support for uninstall procedure


What access rights does Productiv need, and what rights do they get via this code?

To track the user engagement, Productiv integration creates webhooks for all the projects in all the workspaces administered by the user authenticating the app. Productiv needs write access on projects to be able to create the webhooks.
We do not use the write access to update any of the content for the projects, users or workspaces.

How many webhooks are created for my instance?

Productiv installs one webhook per project in all the organizations under your account.

How often do I have to authorize?

Asana’s code is valid until the access until an Asana administrator revokes access for the Productiv app.

What Asana data does Productiv store?

Productiv stores all the actions on projects and tasks to understand the user engagement.