Category Actions

In addition to classifying the events pushed to Productiv with the standard Productiv Event Types, Productiv also allows for deeper classification of events across categories. The standard Productiv Event types apply to applications of every category, but Productiv also tracks a set of actions unique to each application category. When an application is defined with any of these categories, we can add these deeper insights to the events being pushed.

This list of applicable category actions for an application category is dynamic and configurable. We will provide you with a list of Category Actions already defined for the category of application you are trying to integrate. You can add more actions to this list if needed.

Sub-Category Category Actions
Sharing & Storage
Shared File
Created File
Viewed File
Downloaded File
Edited File
Removed File
Attended Meeting
Hosted Meeting
Shared Screen in Meeting
Recorded Meeting
Attended Meeting Using Mobile Device
Attended Meeting Using Laptop Device
Attended Meeting Using Telephone
Shared Video
Shared Audio
Hosted a Shared Screen Meeting
Paid Update
Paid Comment
Paid Comment
Paid Create
Free Create
Paid View
Electronic Signature
Create envelope
Send envelope
Open or View
Collect Payments
Signer Attachments
Bulk Send
Collaborative Field
All Other Actions
Sent Private Message
Sent Group Message
Sent a File
Edited Opportunity
Viewed Opportunity
Edited Lead
Viewed Lead
Accessed Lead
Edited Case
Viewed Case
Accessed Case
Accessed Solution
Accessed Forecast
Accessed Accounts
Accessed Custom Objects
Accessed Contacts
Accessed Dashboards
Accessed Documents
Accessed Reports
Logged In
Accessed Other Objects