Set Up an Application

Defining the application

The first step towards integrating an application with the Productiv platform is defining the application. In order to do this, you need to provide us with the following properties about your application.

Property Description
Name Name of the application.
Icon PNG File that can be used for the app icon.
Primary Category Primary category of the application (Choose from list)
Sub-Category Sub-category of the application (Choose from list)
Description Short description about the application
Single Sign On Specify if this is an SSO application

App Usage Events

The Productiv platform is powered by recording real-time usage events on a per customer per application basis. These usage events represent different activity or actions that a given user performs on an app. Events like starting a video call on a conferencing app, sending a message on a chat app, sending an email, uploading a file, downloading a file are all examples of different usage events that can be performed by a user of an application.

For integrating any application, you need to define a list of possible Events that would be pushed to Productiv. For every Event, define the following properties,

Property Description API field
Name Unique identifier for this event. eventName
Description Description for this event. (Max 255 characters) N/A
Event Type An event type from Productiv's set of pre-defined event types N/A
Category Actions List of applicable Category Actions for this event type. (Optional. See Category actions) N/A
Min License Tier Minimum Licenses Tier needed to perform this event. (Optional. See License Tiers) N/A

The Event Type should come from the following table:

Name Description
Consume Analogous to READ. Event types where the user is consuming a resource. Example: reading a message, opening a file, joining a video call.
Produce Analogous to WRITE. Event types where the user is creating a resource. Example: sending a message, creating a file, hosting a meeting call.
Shared Event types where the user is sharing a resource.
Login Login events types. Should only be used for Single Sign On applications

Finance Data Records

The Productiv platform enables software discovery and generates insights about purchased applications and their associated costs using spend information.

All finance data records provided by the integrated application will be stored and processed by Productiv. Any records or categories that you do not want to include should be filtered out beforehand.

Registering the Application

In order to complete this process to set up the application, please get in touch with us at For applications that will query the Publish Usage Events and Publish Provisioned Users APIs, you must provide the neccessary information described in the sections above, like the application properties, Event Type list, and optionally the Category Actions and License Tier information. We will set up the application and provide you with a unique appId that can be used to query our APIs.