Productiv Developer APIs


The Productiv Developer APIs support integrating custom applications into the Productiv platform. These APIs allow external developers to define and publish new connected applications to Productiv. Once an application is properly defined, Productiv also supports a set of APIs for pushing usage events and users' information in a standardized format for these applications.

Use Case

Let's say a company wants to use Productiv to see usage analytics for how their employees are using an App X. This could be an on-prem or custom in-house application. To enable this, Productiv provides these APIs which the company can use to push usage-events of the form user-A did action-B in App-X at time-C to Productiv. These events can typically be fetched from the App X's audit or activity logs or by calling App X's administration APIs. Productiv's systems then ingest & analyze these events and show usage-insights for App X. All data is transmitted and stored in a secure and encrypted form.

This process is very flexible and can be used for any application. Productiv Developer APIs can be used to custom-define the name of the application, the list of "events" that would be tracked, and the custom groups that a given event should be counted towards.

For example, consider a company using an on-premise E-Mail application.

  • Using the Productiv Developer API, they can forward a variety of events from that email application to Productiv like created, replied, replied-all, forwarded (Eg. created an email on 2/4/20 10:42am).
  • Then they can define that all these events should be grouped under Sent an Email.
  • Now, Productiv can show metrics like "83% of employees in the Sales team sent an email in the last 7 days, but only 63% in Customer-Service did so".
  • One can also get the list of users who never sent an email in the last 30 days, and decide to remove access for those users, since they probably don't need access to the application anymore.