Productiv Slack Integration


Get real-time Productiv notifications in Slack about upcoming renewals, feature engagement insights, and more across your SaaS apps.

Setting up Productiv notifications in Slack

You need Productiv App Admin or Super Admin access to set up Productiv notifications in Slack.

  1. Open Slack Notification settings in Productiv.

  2. Click the ‘Add to Slack’ button to open Slack and to start the installation process. You may need to log in to Slack, if you aren’t logged in already.

  3. Follow set up prompts in Slack:

    1. In the dropdown, select a Slack channel where Productiv will post notifications.
      1. NOTE: Be aware that anyone with access to the Slack channel will see Productiv notifications. If you have concerns about permissions, either restrict access to the Slack channel OR subscribe to a restricted set of Productiv notifications.
    2. Click ‘Allow’ to give permission for Productiv to access your Slack workspace.
  4. In Productiv Slack Notification Settings, you can set your notifications across all apps — or select specific apps to subscribe to individual notifications.

Removing Productiv from your Slack account

  1. Open Slack Notification settings in Productiv.

  2. Click the ‘Remove from Slack’ button

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